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Wooden concert flutes

In response to the years of success with the wooden headjoints for the concert flute, Howel Roberts developed a Boehm system wooden flute to meet the exacting standards of today's flute players. With a modern scale, this handmade wooden flute offers excellent intonation, articulation and projection.
At the same time, nothing is lost of the 'wooden feel' allowing both player and listener to enjoy a warm sonorous sound.
The mounts and keywork are available in sterling silver or 14 ct. gold and dimensions have been kept to a minimum to ensure that the flute feels comfortable to hold and play.
Various pitches and mechanical options are naturally available in order to satisfy all individual preferences. Above this, other materials and special requests can also be taken into consideration.
The player can choose between a thick or thin wall headjoint and of course various heads can be fitted to the flute creating combinations of untold contrast and colour.
The wood used for the wooden flute is seasoned African blackwood or Cocuswood. These woods have long been known for their unequalled stability and tonal quality.

Each wooden flute is individually handcrafted by Howel Roberts.

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